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Museum of South Khorasan National Celebrities

Museum of South Khorasan National Celebrities


Museum of South Khorasan National Celebrities

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Located in the historical texture of Birjand City, this museum had been established in 1382 S.H. inside Pordeli House under the name of “Museum of National Celebrities”, the oldest building of Akbarieh Garden and House in Birjand (related to late Zandieh period), in a building with 180m2 area which was the governmental citadel of Amir Alam Khan the great, known also as Heshmat al-malek Alam. The museum was temporarily closed from 1393 S.H. in order to enrich content, organize information and being transferred to the universal collection of Akbarieh; after that it was reopened in 1394 S.H. with new content and different appearance in a new place. Finally, it was officially opened 1394 S.H. at the same time as Cultural Heritage Week.

A collection of biographies, documents and manuscripts, books, national, scientific and literal badges, certificates, photos and personal stuff of scientific and cultural celebrities of this country are kept in this museum. In addition, the works of 30 national celebrities of the province in three fields of science, literature and religion are also introduced here. The museum works are chronologically exhibited from 7th to 13th centuries A.H. in two sections and two floors. Ibn Hesam Khosfi, Hakim Nazari, Hakim Bozarjomehr Gayeni, Abdolali Birjandi and Badiozzaman Forouzanfar are among the main celebrities who have been completely presented.

In addition, some fathers of Iranian science who are from this province have been introduced in this museum, including: 1. Professor Mohammad Hasan Ganji, father of new geography and meteorology of Iran; 2. Dr. Mehdi Baladi Mood, father of toxicology of Iran; 3. Dr. Kazem Motamed Nejad, father of Iranian communication science; 4. Dr. Gholamhosein Shokouhi, father of Iranian education and training of Iran; 5. Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Meshkat, father of Iranian new economic science; 6. Dr. Ali Akbar Bahreman, father of orthodontic science of Iran. In the section of Museum monuments some of these individuals’ works have been gathered and exhibited. Among the most interesting works in this museum are miniature folios illustrated based on Khavaran Nameh in which Imam Ali heroisms have been depicted by Farhad the painter in 9th century A.H.

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