Makhunik Village

Makhunik Village


Makhunik Village

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Makhunik village is one of the seven amazing world's villages by its remarkable architecture being known to LILIPUT land because of the short residents in there.

This village antiquity estimated about 300 years based on discovering historical documents and petroglyph from this area. Also, on the basis of what the village residents say, the Safavid kings had an important role in the history of this village.

The houses have been built next to each other into the earth hollows on the slopes of the hills due to harsh winter weather and shortage of materials in residential context of village. The grounds of houses are about one meter below the ground surface and they have a short entrance door made of trees and difficult to enter. One or two stairs often connect the entrance door to the ground floor of the house. The houses of the village are not usually rectangular shape and they don't have certain dimensions.

Very small houses with ten or twelve meter rooms have been built of stone and soil, and their roof is covered with foliage. There is only a short entrance gate and no other opening representing the most primitive type of residence in this village. Climatic conditions and low communication with other villages are the factors of being so small and integrated. Lifestyle, customs, strange culture and beliefs of village inhabitants, such as not drinking tea from 50 years ago, not hunting, not eating meat, not smoking because of considering them as guilt and not having TV which means the permission to enter Satan is the other reasons of attracting tourists to this area.

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