Tabas Golshan Garden

Tabas Golshan Garden

Tabas Golshan Garden

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Golshan Garden is one of the famous and historic gardens of Iran related to Zand and Qajar Period located in Tabas in South Khorasan Province. It has been constructed by Mir Hasan Khan, the third ruler appointed by Nader Shah Afshar to administer Tabas and Tun cities of Khorasan, in the late government of Zand prince, Lotf Ali Khan.

We can read in the text of deed of endowment written by Mir Hasan Khan: “Golshan Garden, Golshan Garden Street, the distance between the central square of the city and the entrance of Dasht-e Gharan are endowed to people to commute”.

The model of this garden is Iranian following the plan of Chahar Bagh. Chahar Bagh is a style of constructing Iranian gardens based originally on the ancient Iran structures like the kings’ slopes, four porches and four arches. 

The garden has approximately 7hectares extent in which the width and length are the same as 260meters. Therefore, we can exactly observe here a symmetrical foursquare structure, an Iranian Chahar Bagh.

The entrance is a two-storey structure opened to both inside the garden and the outside street. The entrance, or Sar Dar, was reconstructed after being completely ruined in Tabas earthquake. It has still a white façade including a hall, Ivan, columns and the inner bricks. The Geology Museum of Tabas is also located now in the same building.

The garden includes two main passages which make a crossroad at the center dividing the whole space into four ordered sections. There exists a big pool with 26meters length, 6meters width and three fountains at the crossroad.

The light blue water against the green plots makes the center of garden more beautiful. The vitality and livelihood of the garden have been doubled with the scene of Pelikans and ducks on the water. Golshan water supply system brings water from the surrounding mountains and distributes it, after watering the garden, into the street and city through a waterway named Rimu. The method of water supply in this garden is called Artesian by which the water flow does not need to any forces.

The flora of Golshan Garden includes 2000 palm trees, 2500 citrus trees, and 500 pomegranate trees. The plane tree, cedar and willow trees all have been arranged orderly inside the plots along with the green ground full of flowers like red rose, white petunia and marshmallow plant.

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