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Halvan Desert

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Tabas desert city is one of the most beautiful cities in South Khorasan province which has some beautiful small and large villages. Halvan village is one of the most remarkable touristic attractions in Tabas.

Halvan Village has an extraordinary desert architecture where walking can be an enjoyable experience for tourists. There is also a historic castle in the village where the old texture of the village is completely settled in.

Halvan Castle is one of the largest castles in the Tabas area. In the past, it had thirteen guard towers, but now only five towers remain intact.

There is also a wide sandstone in the Halvan area, reaching the Ashegan highlands in the southeast, giving a spectacular view of the confluence of mountains and deserts.  The height of the sand dunes - from the plain to the bottom – reaches eighty meters in some parts of the Halvan Desert. On the southeastern side of the Halvan Desert, which is a junction between mountains and valleys, there are beautiful valleys and crossings which can be rarely found in Iran.

The Halvan Desert hosts a variety of birds such as Bustard, Partridge, and Falcon. There also live other species in this desert such as Rüppell's fox, Sand cat, Jaculus, Rat, wolf, Jackals, different types of snakes and scorpion.

The diversity of animal species and the attractions of Helvan Desert at the confluence of mountain and desert make this region one of the pristine and beautiful deserts of Iran. Palm trees of Halvan village are another attraction of this village. Village dates are also of good quality.

During recent years, traditional settlements and some touristic residences have also been built in the village of Halvan, which are a good option for staying in the village. However, if you like camping, setting up a tent and spending the night in the Helwan Desert is also a great choice for nature travelers.

The best time to travel to Tabas city and this desert is during the autumn and winter, although you will experience very cold winters.

Halvan Desert is located in the northern part of Khor-Tabas road and it reaches the central desert of Iran from the north and west.

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