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Tabas is one of the most beautiful cities in South Khorasan Province in Iran. Like many other cities in Iran, there is a diverse group of tourist sites located in Tabas. You can see both historic villages and deserts, gorges and mountains. One of the sites of Tabas is Ezmeyghan Village, a unique place where rice lands and lands of date trees meet. In fact, people of Ezmeyghan plant all kinds of fruits and vegetables in their village. But it is the cultivation of both rice and date in one place that makes Ezmeyghan interesting. This is a feature that can be seen in no other place. There is a permanent river that runs through the village and has contributed to the better growth of the products.

The texture of the village is similar to those of other desert villages. Most of the houses are made of clay, raw cob bricks, soil, and pieces of wood.

Tomb of Seyed Muhammad ibn Ja’far Tayar is located in Ezmeyghan Village and is one of its many attractions. This religious building is positioned on the top of a mountain. It has a great view of the village. The tomb has been damaged and then repaired many times in history. It was after the damage from the heavy earthquake of 1357 SH that it was repaired for the last time. However, the history of the tomb traces back to the early years of Islam. According to the historical documents, the Muslims killed Muhammad Jafer Tayar when they conquered Khorasan. This means that the tomb was built in 29 or 30 AH.

Takhte Arous is another tourist site of Ezmeyghan. Its name literally means the bridal seat, and the reason for this is that it is a huge white rock located at the bottom of a valley, where a river also runs.

There are two Arabic-like scripts in Ezmeyghan. Some believe that they belong to Muhammad Ja’far ibn Tayar.

One of the most amazing valleys of the east of Iran is located close to Ezmeyghan. It is called Kal Jeni, and has formed as a result of many years of erosion. You will need q local guide if you decide to walk the valley. But you can also watch its view form the top.

Ezmeyghan is beautiful in all the seasons of the year. In spring, the natural environment of the village becomes very eye-pleasing. During summer, the rice fields become mesmerizing. And in autumn and winter, you can enjoy fair and moderate weather.

Ezmeyghan Village is located forty kilometers of Tabas.

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