Morteza Ali Spring

Morteza Ali Spring


Morteza Ali Spring

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 Probably, Tabas is more famous for its desert regions, but there are many interesting attractions in this wide city that relates to water and freshness.  Morteza Ali Fountain is one of these regions in this city that is located in one of the prettiest surrounding villages.

The most important feature of Morteza Ali Fountain is that both hot and cold water are flowing here in the same stream. So that in one side of Tangeh hot water is flowing and on the other side clod water; the temperature difference that you can feel by putting your feet into the water. The density-difference between hot and cold water causes these two streams to be flowing in parallel in a long route without mixing.

There is a river along the route of this fountain and in the heart of the valley that is called Sardar. The valley through which the river is flowing is also named Kal-e Sardar.

There are many holes in the route of Kal-e Sardar and on the rocks of this valley which is named Khaneye Gabr. Some believe that these holes were used as settlements and there were some underground tunnels that interconnect these holes; however, there are different beliefs about their usage.

The wonders of this valley are infinite. If you proceed the way you will reach Band-e Abbasi; it is a thin dam that was built in Safavid period by the order of Shah Abbas. In some parts of its walls there can be seen the traces of carvings that, based on some experts, depict the symbol of the protective angels of water.

The best time for traveling to Tabas and its surrounding regions is autumn. The water level in the streams is usually high in the spring and the weather is extremely warm during the summers.  

In order to reach Morteza Ali Fountain and Shah Abbasi Dam you should leave Tabas for Kharv village; the distance is about thirty kilometers. From here you have a short path directly in order to reach the fountain and Kal or valley that you can pass by car.

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