Ghotb al-Din Heidar Mausoleum

Ghotb al-Din Heidar Mausoleum

Torbat-e Heidarieh

Ghotb al-Din Heidar Mausoleum

Few Clouds

This complex includes the Ghotb al-Din Heidar mausoleum (the famous mystic and one of the Uzbeks princes descended from Turks Emperor), the porch of the old Jame mosque and Tabasi inn.

The mausoleum building contains a high porch, entrance and the area under the dome. Lining the ceiling in an interior part of the mausoleum is decorated with beautiful geometric shapes and highlighted stucco in the ochre background by Kufic.

Sheikh mausoleum is in an area under the dome with a wooden shrine and there is an altar with beautiful moldings along the entrance space. The foundation of the mausoleum has been made during the Timurid era and its very strong repair has been done with stone and stucco by Khwaja Sultan Mahmoud Torbati (Turbat's governor) in the Safavid period.

There is the old porch of the Torbat Heidarieh Jame mosque on the west side of this mausoleum. Jame mosque building is constructed by brick and it was built in the Shah Abbas Safavid period. There is a spring house in this complex, which has been ruined in some part. Tabasi inn building was built by Haaj Muhammad Ibrahim Tabasi, one of the famous businessmen in the late Qajar era.

abasi inn building is among two porches that includes an entrance porch, vestibule, rooms, warehouse and stalls. Now, the office building of Cultural Heritage of Torbat Heidarieh is located in this place and the inn has been turned into a small museum for collecting the cultural, historical and ancient treasures.

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