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Having a tight relationship with the name of the brave men and women like Rais Ali Delvari, Tangestan city is placed in the east of Bushehr province along the coastal line of Persian Gulf. As obvious by its name, the residential parts of the city were built inside a strait (Tangeh in local language which means a narrow passage) between two mountains where there are impassable straits.

Tangestan was restricted to the coastal parts in the past, however, then later Ahram and its surroundings, Baqak and Bonegez were added to this city, as the consequence of some provincial divisions in Bushehr. Currently, Tangestan includes two central districts, i.e., Ahram and Delvar.

People in Tangestan speak in a local dialect namely Tangestani which is one of the subcategories of Lori language.  

Tangestan shares land borders with Dashtestan to the north and east, with Dashti to the southeast, with Bushehr to the northwest and with Persian Gulf to the west and southwest. The climate of this city is warm and humid in coastal parts and it is warm and arid in other parts.

Due to its special location along the Persian Gulf, Tangestan has so many natural mines that their activity plays in important role in the industry and economy of the city. The sand, sulfur and building plaster mines and oil reserves are the most interesting among them. Moreover, sea-related industries like fishing and fishery, launch building, launch trading and agriculture are the main occupations of people in this city.

A historical house which was the residence of Rais Ali Delvari about one century ago has been turned today into the Museum of Rais Ali Delvari and is among the tourism attractions of Tangestan.  The historical castle of Zayer Khezr Khan Ahrami in Ahram city, Tangestan Castle in Pahlavan Keshi village and the ruins of Mohammad Ali Khan castle are interesting among the historical tourism monuments of Tangestan city.

Two hot springs one of which in Oba village located in 5km to the northeast of Ahram and the other, Mir Ahmadi hot spring, located in Abboyi village, in 12km to the southeast of the city, are other regions chosen by tourists for recreation and sometimes as a cure.

Given to the unbearable heat in the city during summers and late of springs, the best time for traveling to Tangestan are autumns and winters.

Making various kinds of handicrafts using the leave, skin and fiber of palm tree, mat weaving and Aba weaving are highly popular in Tangestan.

Other products such as fish, shrimp and shell, local fruits like jujube and wilding vegetables are the special products of Tangestan.

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