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Sarvestan is a green city with pleasant gardens and old trees in Fars province in the southeast of Shiraz. The existence of historical caves and shelters around it indicates its long history. The historical documents introduce Sarvestan as a promenade and the summer residence of Sassanid kings in which the cultivation of tall cedar trees is also related to the same period.

People speak in Farsi language, in the local dialect of Sarvestani while they are mostly the followers of Ja’fari Shia’. Sarvestan is located in 80 kilometers to the north of Fars province and it shares land borders with Kharameh to the north, with Fasa to the east, with Kavar to the south and with Shiraz to the west. It is placed along the route of Shiraz to Bandar Abbas and Shiraz to Kerman and this location has made it one of the flourishing cities of the province. Sarvestan was also, in the past, the only connecting way of Shiraz to the southern cities of Fars province and the neighboring southern and eastern provinces.

It includes an urban district named Kouhenjan, a central district and 29 rural districts.

People are here mostly occupied with the service and agricultural activities and the economy of the region is based on the same foundations. Pistachio, olive and melon are the main products of the city which are also exported to the other cities and other regions of Iran.

Sarvestan is an ancient city containing so many tourism attractions; One of the oldest cedar trees of Iran exists here inside a mosque with the name of Sarv (means Cedar).

Sasan palace in Sarvestan is one of the inscribed heritages in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.  The mausoleum of Sheikh Yusof Sarvestani, Angosht Gabri castle, the ancient city of Barateh, Barzou, Maharloo ancient Shahrokhi hill, Pir-e Ribat Chahar Taqi. Kouhenjan bath, Maharloo Shah Abbasi caravanserai and Kanoo castle are among the regions which attract tourists’ attention.

In addition to the historical monuments, the protected area of Mianjangal, Qaleh Gorikhteh mountain, Savareh fountain, Tazang fountain, Leyasi fountain, Anjirak fountain, Ribat gardens and Goshtasp mountain are only a part of natural attractions of this region. Sarvestan has a temperate and four-season climate, however, the best time for traveling to this city is the spring.


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