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Maharloo Lake

Maharloo Lake


Maharloo Lake

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"Maharloo Lake" also known as (Daryacheh-ye-Namak) is a seasonal Salt Lake with twenty-five thousand hectares located in "Sarvestan" city in "Fars" province and southeast of "Shiraz" city. Bakhtegan Lake also can be seen in the west of this lake.
Maharloo Lake has been called by various names throughout history, including "Mahlou", "Mahluyeh", etc. Maharloo is irrigated from the two rivers "Sultanabad" and "Roudkhaneh-Khosh".  
Needless to say, Lake Maharloo is the 15th largest body of water in Iran. This lake, which is synclinal sediment of its kind, is used for the production of salt. In this feature, we can name the clay minerals, quartz, and carbonate rocks, which enrich their bed.
The lake's geology identifies its biostructure from the recognition of the Hormuz series of rocks to the Cambrian period 540 million years ago.
The fauna of Maharloo Lake includes birds such as flamingo, shelduck, green duck, duck, sandpiper, and ruddy shelduck. In the past, Lake Maharloo was home to 100,000 to 150,000 flamingos, which were forced to leave the lake by drought. Other environmental issues of the lake include red algae. However, several measures have been implemented by experts since 2016, Maharloo Lake is in a better situation.
For traveling to marvelous Maharloo Lake, you have to follow the road from Shiraz to Fasa by driving approximately 20. Also by passing about KM.57 km from the asphalt roads, you will reach a gorgeous village, which is located near Maharloo Lake and takes its name from this lake.
Maharloo village, also called Dasht-e-Gol in the past, dates back to the Safavid era. Maharloo is built on the southern slopes of the Zagros Mountains Range with a concentrated context and long arched windows. Pomegranate, fig, and almond orchards have a special view in the spring. Besides, the aroma of plants around the mineral water spring of the village, which has a special reputation for treating skin diseases, is a place to soak up and enjoy spring freshness.

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