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Art & Culture


  • Iran National Museum

    The National Museum is the most important museum in Iran to hold archaeological collections; research shows that it is established

  • Saadabad Palace Complex

    The early building of Saadabad was constructed by Qajar kings and it was just 8000m2 in area in that time. Given to the good weather, Qa

  • Niavaran Palace

    Niavaran Historical Garden Endowed with a

  • Tehran Aviation Exhibition

    If you love flying and aviation industries, be sure to include visiting Tehran Aviation (Aerospace) Exhibition (Persian: نمایشگاه هوایی تهران, [Nam

  • The Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran

    The Glassware and Ceramic Museum or simply Abgineh Museum is one of the museums in Tehran. This museum is located in a beautiful and historical bui


    The Fame & Myth

    • Shahriar

      Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi, known by his pen name Shahriar, was born in 1283 AH in Tabriz. His father was an honorable and reputed prof

    • Sohrab Sepehri (Kashan)

      Sohrab Sepehri is considered as one of the unique contemporary poets, whose poems can be studied as modern poetry. He was from Kashan and ascendant

    • Sattar Khan (East Azerbaijan)

      Sattar was born in 1284/1285 AH in the family of Haj Hasan, one of the residences of Qaradagh (Arasbaran). He was the third son of Haj Hasan’s four

    • Sheikh Safi-ad-din Is'haq Ardabili (Ardabil)

      The ancestor of Safavid kings, Sheikh Safi-ad-din Ardabili, was born in 650 AH in Ardabil. Being the 8th generation of Firuz-Shah Zarrin-Kolah, he

    • Parvin E'tesami (East Azerbaijan)

      Among the contemporary poets, there were not so many who can penetrate deeply into the hearts and also, there was as a few who was popular as she w

      Dance & Local Games

      Persian Foods

      • Sour soup

        Sour soup (Persia: آش ترش, [Ash-Torsh]) is one of the most famous traditional dishes in Zanjan province, which of course, has been nationally regis

      • Barberry

        Barberry (Persian: زرشک, [zereshk]) has a special place in Iranian food and is very popular. One of the Iranian dishes is Zereshk Polo ba Morgh (Ba

      • Shesh Andaz

        Shesh Andaz (Persian: شش انداز, [Shesh Andāz]) are among the traditional foods of Zanjan province. In Zanjan province, it is customary to cook thi

      • Havari Meygoo

        Havari Meygoo (Persian: هواری میگو, [havāri-e meygū]) is one of the traditional, delicious and nourishing Iranian foods. One of the provinces where

      • Bastani sonnati

        Bastani sonnati (Persian: بستنی سنتی‎ "traditional ice cream") is one of the oldest, delicious and traditional desserts


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