Gilan Rural Heritage Museum

Gilan Rural Heritage Museum


Gilan Rural Heritage Museum

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Gilan Rural Heritage Museum  is located in the heart of Saravan Forests, near Rasht City and before Fuman road, many rural houses have been gathered in the Gilan Rural Heritage Museum from the surrounding villages and they have been reconstructed here.

The feasible studies and field works for establishing a rural museum were started in 2002. including the projects of determining the location and recognizing Gilan cultural fields.

These fields can be divided into nine parts, according to the findings of these studies, based on the cultural and architectural diversity of the province and regardless of the country divisions. These fields include two main branches of the east and west each one with four coastal, plain, submontane and mountainous subcategories.

It also should be said that some places have been considered in designing this museum for resting, restaurant, mosque and bazar. Finally, the construction operations were started from 2004. and it entered the executive phase in 2005.

There also exist the Gilan Museum of Celebrities, mosque, the entrance building, researchers’ forum, market, coffeehouse, the traditional coal kiln, forging workshop, school and administration, support and service buildings, inside the museum area in addition to the rural houses.

It was supposed that each sector of the museum would be prepared for public visiting after completion, and in Ordibehesht, 2004. the first phase of this project, the village of east plain, was set up and one year later it was opened and exploited.

Different agricultural equipment is exhibited in this museum. Also, the museum houses include traditional decorations most of which have been gifted by local people.

The museum is also the center of holding festivals and cultural gatherings. The traditional, local and symbolic rituals related to this region such as wedding ceremony, Gile Mard wrestling, varza Jang (which means battle) and lafand bazi are among the most important and interesting rituals which are occasionally played in the museum.

In order to visit this outdoor museum, you should turn toward the road of Saravan to Shaft, before the police station, when you reach to the 18th km of Rasht-Qazvin Freeway

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