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Alak Dolak

Alak Dolak

Alak Dolak


Alak Dolak, one of the local games, is common in various regions of Iran that is played with different names and rules by children. This game which is based on the sense of danger, escape and alacrity to achieve the goal is mostly popular among the Iranian villagers.

Alak Dolak is a group and low cost game and it is why the people usually play it with no limitation in the number of players, age or gender.

Today, this local game is played by defined rules in the standard playground with certain participants in terms of number and time in form of a serious competition among different participating groups.

The name of Alak Dolak has been taken from 2 pieces of hard sticks which have an important role in this game. Alak is a stick with 70 to 80 cm length and 3 to 4 cm width and Dolak is a small stick with the length of approximately15 to 20 cm and the width of 2 to 3 cm. The participants are divided into 2 groups in order to determine the starter team by lot, then each group put the small stick on the larger one and throw it to one side; finally, the stick passed more distance is the winner. The groups have to throw the Dolak by Alak and the opponent team must try to catch it on the air.

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