Qazvin Home-Made Cookies


Art of making cookies is very popular among Qazvin women. Until recently, all sweets common for celebrating Norouz were made at homes. Therefore, women in this province are more occupied with this art on the eve of Norouz. Traditionally, people used to bake cookies over the charcoal heat or inside the home tandoor but another kind of machine named Apolo became later popular; it is conical in form like a big funnel with a hole into which fire is placed. Apolo is placed over the tray of cookies under which is also a fire brazier in order to bake the cookies on both sides. Nowadays, different kinds of oven are commonly used at homes. The most famous among Qazvin cookies are: Nan-e Berenji, Persian Chickpea Cookie, Candy Cookie, Walnut Cookie, Almond Cookie, Paderazi, Nan-e Charkhi, Tea Bread (Nan-e Chay), Atabaki, Valiahdi, Haj Karimi, Baklava Pich with pistachio, Lozenge-shaped almond Baklava.  

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