Mofakham Edifice

Mofakham Edifice


Mofakham Edifice

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Mofakham edifice, the biggest and the most prominent architectural monument of Qajar era was built by Yar Muhammad Khan Shadlo who was known to Mofakham commander at the time of Nasser al-Din Shah Rule. 

It has been the residing place of his family and reception of official and political men in the 1300 AH decade.

This building was located in a big garden in the past which had been constituted of different parts such as mirror house, entrance gate of spring house, fountain garden and Kolah Farangi building before Bojnord earthquake, but just a mirror house and Mofakham edifice has been remained now; however, their usage changed to etnography museum.

The main facade of the building is in the southern part constructed as a two-story structure designed by tile work in different color and style, stucco and mirrors in various designs.

Each floor of the building has two northern and southern porches and the material used in this building consisted of brick and stucco mortar. Nowadays, Mofakham edifice is the location of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism organization of North Khorasan province.

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