Sabzi-polo with fish


Sabzi-polo with fish is one of the most popular and important Iranian dishes and is one of the suitable foods of this land that can be considered as a main meal, lunch, or dinner. The ancients considered fish as a symbol of life, wealth, and vitality, as well as vegetables as a symbol of happiness and blessings. Therefore, this delicious food is prepared on national occasions in Iran.

Cooking Sabzi-polo with fish is one of the oldest Iranian traditions and most people make this dish on New Year's Eve or the first day of Nowruz. This sharing of food that night or day brings an interesting feeling and mood to the Iranian table and somehow brings the hearts of the people closer together. It is also common to eat Sabzi-polo with fish on Yalda night.

Sabzi-polo is also one of the most delicious and usual Iranian pilafs, which is a mixture of various vegetables with rice. Rice has a special place in the basket and diet of Iranians and is cooked in different ways and with various ingredients. The vegetables used in this unique Iranian dish include leeks, dill, parsley, and coriander. They also add some fresh fenugreek and garlic to add better flavor to this food.

Fish has long been a popular choice alongside vegetable pilaf, but some people prefer vegetable pilaf with chicken. This nutritious food is also served with vegetable cocoa.

Fish is one of the foods rich in omega3, and it is better to use fish in the diet to ensure health; but to get rid of the smell of seafood and fish, you should consider some tips so that you can enjoy eating it more. Therefore, to make the fish tastier, it can be rested in some brewed lemon juice and saffron to prepare it for the frying stage. White fish, trout, salmon, belly fish, and tilapia are some of the fish that can be served with Sabzi-polo. Saffron, lemons, and pickles are also used to decorate the table

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