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Tarke Bazi (Choub Bazi, Cho Bazi)

Tarke Bazi (Choub Bazi, Cho Bazi)

Tarke Bazi (Choub Bazi, Cho Bazi)

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Tarke Bazi is one of the old, local and martial games among the Iranian people, mostly performed in happy events and parties such as wedding party accompanied with music and dance.

Tarke bazi is originally taken from the battlefield, but its nature has been changed to a local dance by adding the music and various movements to it that arouses the sense of excitement and delight of the people. Tarke Bazi means play with a piece of wood that is common among nomads and tribes and mostly among the Bahmaei Lur tribe (Bahmaei region in the southwest of Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari, west of Kohgiluye & Boyerahmad and the east of Khuzestan), Bakhtiaries, Yasujies, Qashqaeis, Mamasanies, Farahanies people and some villagers and the nomads of Lorestan.

Wood battle has a long history among the tribes in Zagros region. Tarke Bazi is one of the martial arts of men in Bakhtiari tribe mentioned continually as dance. Bakhtiari nomads Dastmal Gardani and Dastmal Bazi have a cultural and traditional authenticity which has been played in the battlefield and in fact, it was a kind of pitched battle to prepare the young people for battle. The highest honor of an Iranian man was the bravery in battle so learning the methods and battle skills are considered as a good habit among young people.

They even practiced the martial skills during the peace time. This old ritual was already done among the Bakhtiari tribe, although, it has changed to a festive ritual and no other ritual has not been able to cover the battle custom like this in the Middle East. The main feature of this stirring, is the group nature, high excitement and the moods during the game which shows the martial and epic aspects of Choub Bazi. Firstly, Toshmal (the name of local music players in Bakhtiari tribe) invites men to Choub Bazi by playing the music instruments. This game can be divided into two parts as Dastmal Bazi and Tarke Bazi. Sorena (a wind instrument) is used for Dastmal Bazi and Karna (a wind instrument) for Choub Bazi. Then, the sound of drum is accompanied with the Karna and the pace of music become faster based on the location and performing the game.

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