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Tabas is best known as Aroos-e Kavir (meaning the bride of desert). It is a desert amazing city which is an important tourism destination in South Khorasan Province. Tabas city is located in the west of South Khorasan province on the borderline of it and Yazd province. Tabas has a population of 69658. This city is the largest city of Iran with 56460 km2 area.

Tabas was a part of the Great Khoarasan until 1380 S.H, when it was joint to Yazd. Then in 1391 S.H, Tabas was separated from Yazd and joint this time to the South Khorasan province. Imamzadeh Hossein ibn-Musa Kazem holy shrine is the main shrine of this city. Golshan Garden is also the highlighted tourism attraction of Tabas where different trees and decorative flowers are grown.

Esfahak and Nayband are the visitable villages of Tabas. Nayband is famous as the Masuleh of Kavir the houses of which are known by their stairway architecture.  Esfahak is the remain of the horrible earthquake of Tabas in 1357 S.H. the old texture of this village has been preserved and it is its main feature. Ezmeyghan village is another wonderful region around Tabas with an attractive nature where the palm tree and rice field meet together.

Morteza Ali spring is among the natural tourism attractions of Tabas where the hot and cold water springs are flowing in the same place. Sometimes the temperature difference between cold and hot waters reaches 10. In the end, the spring reaches Shah Abbasi dam related to the Safavid period. Kal-e Jeni canyon is a mysterious valley 35km far from Tabas, a wonderful direction for tourists who are interested in walking. It has been inscribed on the List of National Heritage of Iran. Halvan cave and Kavir, Khan caravanserai, Arg-e Tabas and Tabas castle are other tourism attractions of this city. Being famous as the oldest and thinnest arch dam in all around the world, Kurit (Korit- locally known as Band-e Korit) Dam is also one of the historical and industrial attractions of Tabas related to 700years ago, and located close to an old village with the same name.

Given to the desert climatic conditions of Tabas, the autumn is the best season for traveling to this city, however, the spring and winter are also the proper times.

Different kinds of jam such as jams of bitter orange blossom, Naaranjook (the green and small bitter orange), citron, the skin of pistachio, in addition to date, fig and kinds of cookies like Nan-e Chai, Nan-e Nokhod, Ru Var Kardeh, Qotab and Baqlava are bought from Tabas as the main souvenirs. 


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