Ilam Province
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Ilam city is located in the west of Ilam province, surrounded by mountains, forest slopes of Monesht, Sivan, Shalam and Siah Koh Mountains enjoying a pleasant and moderate climate. Also, this city is located in Iran’s border areas.

The location of Ghalaghiran Mountain is in 3 km of Ilam and it is known as the symbol of this city. Ilam is well known as the wonderful city of this province, whit so many forest promenade and historical, ancient places. This city consists of 2 districts as “Markazi“, and “choor “, two cities and 4 rural districts.

The location of this city far from the center of the province is the cause of some limitation in its local communications and trade significance. However, the products of different parts and distant villages of this city export to other provinces and Ilam enjoys a special location in terms of transportation networks so that other cities are connected to Ilam as a city near the border. It has an appropriate climate, a political location and an administrative center. Some activities such as livestock and agriculture are highly popular among the residents due to the climate, mountains and vast plains of this city. Petrochemical and gas industry’s establishment around Ilam as well as training some engineering majors such as electrical, mechanic, computer, civil engineering and architecture at Ilam universities are the reason to increase the province capacity for research and industrial projects. The common language of Ilam is Kurdi (Fili). All different ethnics in the whole province speak in Kurdish with some difference in dialect. Most of the people who live in Ilam are Muslim and they are the follower of Davazdah Imami Shia.


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