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Zingan Cave

Zingan Cave


Zingan Cave

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Natural cave of Zingan is located close to the city of Mehran, in the middle of a vast plain close to Salehabad village in the province of Ilam. This cave has very pleasant and rather cold weather, which has resulted for it to be also known as Behesht Cave, literally meaning heaven. Many of the professional eco-tourists believe that this natural phenomenon is not a cave, but in fact a gorge. Because it is open on its beginning and ending, and does not look like the common caves we are familiar with.

Even though Salehabad and generally the district of Mehran has warm and dry weather, inside the cave it is very damp, which has led to the growth of plants and vegetables that belong to humid and rainy habitats. High levels of water, as well as vestibules and numerous icicles, have created a natural forest in the middle of the plain, where plants such as Fern, Algae and Lichen can be found. More interesting than this is that the temperature of outside and inside of the cave are more than twenty degrees different from each other. However, it is best to visit this site during spring and summertime.

It is a very adventurous experience to pass through Zingan Cave or Gorge. It is said that the passage is about six kilometers from its beginning to its end. Water runs along all the way, and at some parts the visitors need to pass through it. At other points, the passage becomes narrow, which makes it harder and more exciting to proceed. Along the way, two waterfalls can be seen that they also need to be passed by.

To reach this amazing yet unknown cave that is located ten kilometers from Salehabad, one should travel from Ilam to west for about fifty kilometers. There is a guide sign close to the Salehabad Shrine that shows the path to Zingan Cave.

From the village of Salehabad to the entrance of Zingan Cave or Gorge, there is a five-kilometer dirt road. After traveling for about forty minutes, the cave has appeared.

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