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Dehloran Hot Spring

Dehloran Hot Spring


Dehloran Hot Spring

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Dehloran Hot Spring has a spring and a mud pool. With its fifty centigrade water, it is among the health tourism destinations of Ilam Province.

These natural hot springs are located three kilometers to the city of Dehloran, in the foothill of Siah Kuh, close to Khofash (Bats) Cave. One of the unique characteristics of the water of these springs is that once they reflect the sunlight, they are seen in a rainbow-like color pattern. This characteristic has resulted in Dehloran Hot Spring to be regarded as one of the rarest natural phenomena of Iran. Because heated water can hold more dissolved solids than cold water, warm and especially hot springs often have very high mineral content, especially sulfur. Each year, many tourists decide to visit and stay at Dehloran to go to the springs and heal their articular pains, rheumatoid, kinds of skin wounds and muscular and benefit from the therapeutic uses of the waters. However, due to high levels of sulfur, patients with heart diseases are recommended to avoid using the waters.

Dehloran Hot Spring belongs to the fossil type. It means that it has been formed due to the activities of oil and gas resources in the region. They originate from two main streams and after joining together, they become a river containing hot water that are rich in minerals. The water of the spring has an important effect on the vegetation of the region, as well.

Accessing Dehloran Hot Spring is quiet easy. There are two paths to choose from. The main path is the asphalted road to Dehloran that leads to the springs in the west of this city. This way also makes it possible to visit the Khofash or Bat Cave.

The other path is secondary and a dirt road. But it is more adventurous. If one decides to take this road, they will be surprised to see the wondrous Tar Springs along the way. In these springs, instead of water, tar flows out of the earth. This site is registered as a national heritage of Iran. This spring is another rare phenomenon of Ilam Province, and also the only tar spring ever found in Iran.

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