Siah Gav Twin Lake

Siah Gav Twin Lake


Siah Gav Twin Lake

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Siah Gav Twin Lake is located near Abdanan County in the province of Ilam. Siah Gav River runs through the valleys of Kabirkuh Mountain that have been located in the southeast of Abdanan. It eventually flows into Siah Gav Twin Lake.

As it can be found out from its name, the lake consists of two parts. The water of the first lake flows into the other as a result of the difference between their levels. The water of the second lake then exits it and flows as a river and feeds the agricultural fields of Abdanan.

Two natural lakes have been linked through a canal. The canal is eight meters wide and four meters deep that has been naturally formed with a length of seventy meters. The water of this lake is so clear that one can easily see the fish swimming around in it.

It should not be left out that Siah Gav Twin Lake traces back to thousand years ago. It is considered as one of the paleontological phenomena of Ilam Province. The process of erosion and changes in layers of the earth has led to the formation of such a lake.

One of the most important characteristics of the lake is the chemical components of the water. The water is rich of minerals such as sulfur. This, in turn, has resulted in a sweet and drinkable, rich of minerals. It also has provided a suitable environment for the growth of plants such as Milkvetch, Raspberry, Common fig and Willow. Fishing is another activity that has been possible as another outcome of the existence of a lake in this area.

During spring and summertime, especially in days of New Year celebration, the nomadic Siahchador (a kind of tents) are installed around the lake, and the visitors can enjoy local delicacies provided.

To reach Siah Gav Twin Lake, one should travel eight kilometers of a path from Abdanan. After passing a bridge, he or she will reach the lake after a short walk. The lake is about three hours distant from city of Ilam and half an hour from Abdanan.

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