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As the largest city of Ilam province, Dehloran is located in the southwest of this province. It has the longest common border of Ilam and Iraq and is the most populated city of the province after the capital city. Lors and Kurds constitute the main population of this city among them also live some Arab and lak people. Their main language is Lori and Kurdi and they are mostly Shia’ followers. Dehloran, Musian, Pahleh and Meymeh are four districts of this border city.  
Located in 230kilometers far from Ilam city in the southwest of the province between Mehran, Malekshahi and Abdanan and being co-border with Iraq, Dehloran appropriates one-third of the area of the province. 
Dehloran is considered to be one of the tropical cities in the west of Iran. the temperature is extremely high during summer and in the late of spring, however, it is pleasant during the winter and in the early Farvardin. 
The oil field of Dehloran in 22km of the southwest of the city plays the main part in industry and economy of the region. The amount of existing oil here is to the extent that it flows in some points like a natural fountain. The bitumen fountain of Dehloran is a sample of this phenomenon. 
Furthermore, most of people are here occupied with the animal husbandry and agriculture, however, the unbearable warmth in the region is the main barrier of agricultural development. 
Ali Kosh hill, Shiagh castle and ancient hills of Musian and Meymeh rock inscriptions are the main ancient attractions of this city. The hot water and sulfur springs of Dehloran with medicinal features are among the most important natural attractions located in three kilometers from the city, on the hillside of Siahkuh near to the bat cave.
Chigh weaving, a kind of mat woven from bamboo, is the unique handicraft of Dehloran and Ilam province that is used as the walls of nomadic tents. Additionally, weaving a variety of kilims and Giveh is another handicraft of Dehloran women which is exported to Iraq, as well.  
Anbarbu rice, mountain pistachio (called locally Baneh), kinds of local bread and cookies, Bezhi Barsaq, Kale Konji, Shole Kineh and Bagel halva are those edibles that are bought by the tourists as Dehloran souvenirs.


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