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Abdanan is one of the important cities in Ilam province and the capital of Abdanan City.  Due to its pristine nature, fertile soil and ancient attractions, Abdanan has a reputation. It is located on the southern hillside of Kabir Kuh mountain inside the valley of Abdanan river. The city is the neighbor of Darreh Shahr to the northeast, of Meymeh district in Dehloran to the north, of Dehloran to the west and of Andimeshk to the south.

It has warm summers and cold winters in which the city experiences a glacial phenomenon in almost 20 days of winter, however, during 20 days of summer the weather reaches the hottest temperature of the year. Based on this and due to the existence of sufficient water and fertile soil, spring is the best time for traveling to this city.

In 1374 S.H, Abdanan was officially separated from Darre Shahr and registered as an independent city in country divisions.

In spite of having huge oil, gas and sulfur mines as well as hot water springs, they have not been properly exploited to date and the main industry of this region is currently agriculture and animal husbandry.

The most important and interesting tourism destinations of Abdanan include historical and natural attractions: Hezar Dar castle, Posht Qale, Hezarani castle, the remains of ancient city of Julian (Zhiliv in local language), the historical complex of Panj Baradar Mormori, Telor historical city and Sarab historical city. Also, the twin lakes of Siah Gav (Siagow), Mahuteh waterfall, Mazhareh cave, Cham Chalan tourism region and natural promenade of Dinar Kuh are among the amazing natural attractions of the region.

The geographical location of the city, placed inside a valley between two Dinar Kuh and Kabir Kuh mountains, makes the Abdanan communication paths with the surrounding areas and the center of the country extremely difficult. However, the main path connects Abdanan to Darreh Shahr which, in spite of being meandrous, has become one of the tourism attractions due to its pristine nature especially in the spring.  

This impassable location and difficulty of communication paths, on the other hand, give attractions to the region including the pristine and beautiful nature covered by oak, mountain almond, mountain pistachio, hawthorn, mountain fig and wild cherry.

Kurds and Lors constitute the main population of this city whose original occupation is agriculture and animal husbandry; they are also the followers of Jafari Shia’.

Abdanan nature is covered by the trees of mountain pistachio that is also called Baneh by locals; it is among the souvenirs which are always bought by travelers to this city. Giveh, Kilim, mountain honey, local cookies and breads as well as Tarkhineh are other Abdanan souvenirs.


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