Susa (Shoush)

Khuzestan Province
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Susa (Shoush)

Few Clouds

Shoush is located beside the Shavoor River and the west of Tehran-Ahvaz transit road, 150km of eastern Tigris River with the height of 112 m above the sea level.

Shoush consists of 3 partss named “Shavoor”,”Markazi“,”Fatholmobin“, 5 cities and 7 rural districts. Ancient Susa is one of the oldest civilization centers, a famous city all around the world, the capital of Ilam for thousand years and the winter capital of Achaemenian Empire.

 Susa in north of Khuzestan has been enjoyed several tourist attractions by its special location and exclusive historical and religious monuments such as Tomb of Daniel the prophet (peace be upon him), Da’bal Khazaei (Ahl-Al-Bayt’s poet) tomb, Apadana, Acropol castle (Susa castle), Shahi city, Pishe Varan city, archaeological and world heritages of Chogha Zanbil in Haft Tepe. The economy of Susa started after establishing the Tehran–Khoramshahr railway.

Dez Dam has the most important role in energy networks, modern irrigation system, cultivation and industries, especially in Haft Tepe and a large number of industrial units such as cane sugar, paper-making, sugar factory, pasteurized milk have a significant place in the national economy and developing the country. Service and trade are more prominent in Shoush. Agriculture (cultivation, livestock and fishing) is the most important economic activity in this region.

The most residents of Shoush are from Arab, Lur (Kochak or Lorestani) and Dezfuli origins who speak in 4 dialects or languages of Arabic, Luri, Dezfouli and Farsi and they are Shia followers. The religions of Hanbali and Hanafi which are the Sunni branches of Islam live in this region, too.


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