Kul-e-Farah Ancient Area

Kul-e-Farah Ancient Area


Kul-e-Farah Ancient Area

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This ancient area is located in the region named Kul-e Farah (a very natural, deep and narrow valley) at the end of Izeh plain.

There are two large and irregular stone at the right side of this valley entrance beside the range of mountains with some beautiful and elegant designs of the image of human and animal in the modes of prayer and respect, carry the Gods, sacrifice and performing the music; they are the first depiction of human insight on religion and customs.

Kul-e Farah stone relief includes six reliefs belonged to Elamite period according to their images what remains such as graves, water canal, buildings and monitoring places of the residential areas, it was probably the temple of one of the Elamite Gods in the name of Narsina.

There are ancient tapes and Miangaran lagoon in the privacy of the ancient site of Kul-e Farah. In addition to valuable historical monuments in Kul-Farah ancient area, it is in a good weather region of Khuzestan province which is now one of the tourist regions there.

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