Historical Bridge of Dezful

Historical Bridge of Dezful

Dezful (World Kapubafi City)

Historical Bridge of Dezful

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Dezful is one of the cities of Khuzestan province that is best-known for its citrus gardens and Dez River that is full of water. On the other hand, the historical monuments of this city are undeniable: attractions like the water structures, skylights, tomb of Yaghob Leys Safari, Tizno house and historical bridge.

Old bridge of Dezful is one of the most valuable monuments of Khuzestan province with approximately 1800years history. This passage is also known as Sassanid bridge because it was built in the time of Shapur the first. Dezful was previously named Dezhpol (meaning castle- bridge) that refers to a castle which was built near the bridge in the past.

This bridge was built by the captured army of Rom after its failure against Sassanid soldiers and that is why it is named Roman Bridge, too. In that period of time, the roman bridge connected Jondishapur to Mesopotamia.

Here is one of the oldest brick bridges of the world that is still standing. However, the asphalt current passage has been built over the old foundations and the restorations in different periods have changed the original structure.

Cars were permitted to pass through the bridge till 1389 SH, but since then only walking is possible on the bridge.

In addition to a long-term persistence, Sassanid bridge has a significant architecture: Seventeen pillars, fourteen large vaults and thirteen small vaults. One reason for its persistence was using lead and steel fasteners that was unique in that time.

One can stop on the beach of Dez for many hours to listen to the sound of water watching this invaluable structure. Walking on the bridge leads you to Tizno house that is one of the historic houses of Dezful. It is less than 10 minutes driving from the bridge entrance to the coastal Alikaleh Park, a place that is popular for both locals and foreigner tourists.

There are some water mills between Sassanid bridge and the new bridge of Dezful. Being highly similar to water structures of Shushtar, these mills were extremely damaged as a result of the flood in 1398 SH. Like the roman bridge, the date of these mills backs to Sassanid dynasty and they are still spectacular.

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