Kornasian Bath

Kornasian Bath

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Dezful is one of the northern cities of Khuzestan with many natural and historical tourism attractions that is the host of many tourists every year. One of the attractions of Dezful is Kornasian bath that has been converted to Ethnography Museum of Dezful in recent years.  

Located in the Kornasian district in three minutes to the new bridge of Dezful, between Shariati and Qazi Boulevards, near the coastal street, this bath was built in Qajar period and its restoration was ended in 1385 SH.

Kornasian district was the residence of nomads who immigrated from Kornas mountain to this place in the past. Kornas mountain is near the city, in the north of Dezful. Through changing lifestyle, these people stayed in this district permanently.

The bath that was built in Qajar and used for many years by people, is now one of the tourism attractions of Dezful.

The architect of this bath was Moezzi master. It is 889 square meter area. The building has a plain brick façade. Don’t forget to visit the well near the entrance; this well was connected to some Qanats that ended in Dez river and supplied the water of the bath in the past.  

The internal spaces are divided into two sections dedicated to women and men. The men part is now the Ethnography Museum where the local occupations and the clothes of old people in Dezful are on display in different parts and exhibitions. In the women part, there is a handicrafts shop where you can buy a souvenir.

The design of the ceiling is spectacular which attracts the attention of tourists. You can visit it as well!

Visiting Kornasian bath is possible in all days of a week except for Monday.

Kornasian bath is not the only place where you can feel and visit the atmosphere of old bazar of the city. It is enough to continue your way toward the new bridge and visit the old bazar of Dezful by three minutes driving along the bridge. After the visit, you can rest at the beach of Dez river. 

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