Arpanah Waterfalls

Arpanah Waterfalls


Arpanah Waterfalls

Few Clouds

Although Khuzestan is one of the tropical provinces in Iran, it has some regions with very good weather and full of trees that attract tourists. Arpanah Waterfalls in Lali are one of them.

Imagine a green region in which you can hear the sound of running water flowing from a raging spring.  The spring flows from the mountain in the form of some waterfalls. Here are Arpanah Waterfalls in forty-four kilometers of Lali. They are located along the Lali Road to Pebdeh and are forty-three kilometers of Andika. There are also other roads to Arpanah Waterfalls from Masjed Soleyman, Dezful, and Gotvand which simplify the way to the waterfall.

Arpanah Waterfalls are out of town and on the hillside. However, there are some necessary facilities in this region. But there is no public transportation in this region and you should go there with your car or a taxi. You put your car in the parking and begin to walk.

The view of single threes in green plain makes it possible to have an attractive walk and you can see the Pergolas and the cement platforms that are considered for making some tents or picnic. It is better that you have enough water and food. There is also W.C here for travelers.

There is a footbridge that helps the tourists to cross the water and go to the other side of the spring. So there is no limit for surfing.

The water of the spring changes to waterfall in some places so there would be some waterfalls in front of you. They are safe and vast so you can swim there. The water reaches your waist in the deepest part of the spring and in the corners, it reaches your ankles. The spring and waterfall are cold.

The coolness of the waterfall and the springs and the green area make this place to have pleasant weather. The water is cold and there, you can leave the hot weather of the summer behind.

The water of these waterfalls continues to reach to Taluk, Bibitar Khan, Ab Shur Spring, and it reaches finally Kazeron River. The other attraction here is the water mills on the way to Taluk spring, such as Asiab Nahang and Palanh.

The lake of Gotvand Dam is another visiting place around Lali. This dam is also known as Pol e Ghadim (old bridge), as there is an old bridge here which joins Lali to Masjed Soleyman. You can also ride a boat there.

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