Tizno House in Dezful

Tizno House in Dezful


Tizno House in Dezful

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Dezful is among those cities that have kept their original form. That is why Dezful is famous as the Museum of Brick. If you go to the old districts of this city, you feel put back in time, in a place near Dez river, calm but roaring!

If you go to the historical district, find a big and glorious house near the coastal street in a few steps to the new bridge of Dezful; Tizno house that is the most famous house in Dezful.

The house belonged to a merchant named Tizno Beig and built-in Safavid era. However, it was restored and reconstructed in Qajar period.

The grand entrance of the house is completed with Khaje Neshins on two sides (two stone stands on two sides of the entrance door built in the past for sitting down and communicating with neighbors or for passengers to rest). By passing the grand entrance you enter the Hashti (the entryway); a space to hide the inner parts of the house. 

Going down the stairs two basements of the house appear; the first one is Shabestan that was built one and a half meters lower than the yard and has three entrances. And the second one is Shovadoun that is the symbol of Dezful architecture. Shovadouns are dug with hand tools in Dezful and since they are slightly deep, they rescue the residents from the summer heat. Shovadoun or Shovadan in Tizno house was built 25 stairs lower than the yard.

There are several rooms with grid windows. You can also stand on the top of the roof and watch the landscape of Dez and the bridge over it. This house was nationally inscribed and it is open to public visit in some days of Nowruz.  

One of the other attractions of Dezful is Souzangar house. It is five minutes to Tizno house and is located in Kalantarian alley. The best time for traveling to this southern city is Nowruz, autumn or winter.

It is eight hours from Tehran to Dezful. The ground route starts from Tehran-Qom highway and reaches Borujerd after Arak. After two hours driving from Khorramabad, the sign of Dezful appears. The easier way is air travel.

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