Pamenar Village

Pamenar Village


Pamenar Village

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Pamenar village is one of the most pleasant villages of Dezful in Khuzestan province located between two dams of Karkheh and Dez. Pamenar attracts many tourists with its spectacular landscapes, pristine nature and its silence. Here is the paradise of nature lovers and those who are interested in village trekking.

It is less than one hour driving from Dezful to Pamenar. Move to the northeast of Dezful in Shahyoun road and proceed the signposts. The sign of village is seen in the road of Daryacheh (meaning lake). You can also reach the destination without private car. If there is no taxi you have to take a car in Dezful.

The main attraction of this region is the enjoyable nature. There are traditional hostels in Pamenar providing you with the experience of staying in a rural house near the lake of dam, having local foods and chatting with locals to be informed about the village conditions before building the dam and the changes after that.

Tourists often go to the beach of Shahyoun lake, too. They can reach the island from there on boat. Where the combination of nature and silence makes a unique experience.

You can also experience boating along with enjoying the beach and watching the small waves of the lake. Motorboats are ready for both island and dam tours. In order to use them you have to go to the pier of the village and choose your desired tour; island or dam? In addition, you can experience fishing in Shahyoun lake.

After an exciting day the beautiful sunset of Pamenar is waiting for you. Where the sun starts to go down behind the hills and pours its orange light on the lake. Now is the best time for photography in this region. The night sky is also full of stars in this region.

Local people wave Kapu (a kind of traditional basket weaving) from the leave of palm trees that is one of the main flourishing handicrafts of this region. You can take a visit to Shadab Castle and its old cemetery back to the city after buying Kapu. For that you should return to the road of Daryacheh from Pamenar. This castle has been remained from the Sassanid period and is worth visiting. There is an old cemetery at the bottom of the village where the carving motifs on the standing stones attract your attention.

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