Tang-e Kool Khersan

Tang-e Kool Khersan

Dezful (World Kapubafi City)

Tang-e Kool Khersan

Few Clouds

One of the tourist attractions in Dezful is Tang-e Kool Khersan which is also famous as the valley of spirits. Tang-e Kool Khersan or as called by locales, Kool-e Khersoon, has a pristine nature making an attractive destination for professional nature trekkers. 

Kool-e Khersoon is one of the attractions in the surrounding areas of Dezful and some people call it Eshkaft-e Zardeh, too.

Kool means valley and you need to go to Shohada Boulevard in Dezful city and then take the road of Dezful to Shahyoun in order to reach this valley. Follow the signboard of Islam Abad village in this way. You will first reach Bisheh Bozan village that is nearly 35 kilometers away from Dezful. Turn toward the intake of Dez Dam and after passing through Islam Abad village, you will arrive in the beautiful touristic village of Pamenar on the shores of the intake of Dez dam.  

You need to be strong enough for a long walk for a sightseeing tour of this attraction. After passing Shadab Castle which is placed on your path, go ahead to reach the valley. It takes almost an hour and a half of walking. 

Khersoon presents a lot of interesting features. It is far colder than the city. While it is somewhat hard to access this place and you will definitely need an experienced guide for that, it has so many pristine and spectacular landscapes which worth walking long. 

The walls of this valley are too high, and in some parts, they are so close together through which only one person can pass. There are a lot of palm and jujube trees in the surrounding areas of the valley and some permanent waterfalls and water streams inside it. Walls are green in color, in some parts, and its appearance which is covered in plants has made an amazing landscape. The height of walls reaches over 100 meters. 

The sound of singing birds is heard well in Kool-e Khersoon although the sound of footsteps on the sand does not allow the silence. 

When getting a two-way route, turn right toward Dez intake and your return way is through boat riding on the river. Another option is returning the same way. 

The best time for traveling to this place is Khordad when there is less possibility of rainfall and flood and the cold does not make your travel difficult.   

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