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Dezful Ethnography Museum

Dezful Ethnography Museum

Dezful Ethnography Museum

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The Ethnography Museum of Dezful is placed in an old district named Kornasion and inside a historical bath with the same name, which is famous as Kornasion bath. The antiquity of this bath reaches the late of Zand and the early Qajar periods. The bath included two men and women sections that is today, after decision making for changing its function in 1389 SH, converted into a museum where the men part has become the Ethnography Museum and women part is a place for presenting the handicrafts products of the region that has been inscribed as one of Iran National Heritages. The baths of Qajar are dividable according to the gender of their users.

The building of bath was the same for men and women but the difference was in the time they used the building; in such a way that the bath belonged to men in some hours in a day and to women in the rest of the day. But Kornasion bath was an exception in which two separated buildings were considered for men and women and commuting of women between their home and the bath was through stairs and roof! The water of the bath was supplied from a well that was connected to the river placed next to the entrance door of the bath. The main construction material was brick and it has a high dome-shaped roof.

The public baths in Qajar period were mostly dome-shape because it not only facilitated the air circulation and the exit of the toxic gases, but also distinguished between the baths and other buildings. The internal space of this bath-museum includes different parts. In the hexagonal Sarbines that was the place of changing cloths the environment of the old bath is now evoked through some sculptures in different bath positions. In addition, different traditional jobs of people are exhibited in other chambers and parts of the museum: felting, forging, spinning, etc. The traditional ceremony of wedding in the old city of Dezful is also exhibited in the hothouse of the bath along with some manuscripts remained from the great individuals of Dezful, historical jewelry related to Qajar and etc.

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