(War Museum) Cultural Center of Khorramshahr Holy Defense

(War Museum) Cultural Center of Khorramshahr Holy Defense


(War Museum) Cultural Center of Khorramshahr Holy Defense

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Cultural center building of Khorramshahr holy defense constructed in 1309 had been used as the administrative building of Oil Company up to the end of Iran–Iraq war. This building was captured by enemy forces at the end of Mehr, 1359 and used as the monitoring center by Iraqi forces during the imposed war. The exterior façade of the building hit by missile shows the damages caused by war and just a part of its interior space repaired in 1375 and opened as the cultural center of holy defense.

One of the interesting items of this museum is the graffiti of Iraqi forces with the phrase of "we have come to stay" which is left from their deployment time in this center.

This museum has four halls including the resistance, occupancy, release and Khorramshahr rebuilding and also the remained stuff of Khorramshahr commanders such as Mohammad Ali Jahan Ara, Abdolreza Mousavi, the commanders of Khorramshahr corps and the other army martyrs and military equipment at that time. This place has an exclusive library of holy defense, movie theater, the mausoleum of tree unknown martyrs (buried in 1385).

There are works of music, film, picture, Maquette, statue and etc., representing some parts of epic war in this museum. This place has been turned into one of the tourism attractions in Iran due to the presence of the travelers of holy defense region in Khorramshahr.


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