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Shalamcheh Martyrs Memorial

Shalamcheh Martyrs Memorial


Shalamcheh Martyrs Memorial

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Shalamcheh is a region in the west of Khoramshahr near to the border line to Basra in Iraq and one of the most important primary invasion axes of Iraq military to Iran in Shahrivar 21, 1359.

Shalamcheh was the region of various war operations during the imposed war such as: Beit al-Moqadas, Ramadan, Karbala-e Four, Karbala-e Five, Karbala-e Eight, and Beit al-Moqadas Seven which Karbala-e Five enjoys a privileged position as the most difficult operation during the imposed war in Dey,1365.

The memorial of Shalamcheh martyrs from the debris of martyrs and required space and roads have been designed and implemented by the order of the revolution leader after his presence in the city of Shalamcheh martyrs in Mehr 8, 1378.

Eight anonymous martyr's bodies have been buried in the central part of the Shalamcheh martyrs memorial, which has been constructed by the effort of Astan Qods Razavi that is the shrine of many pilgrims such as Rahian-e Noor (the passengers who visit the war regions), Karbala passengers and etc.

A Shalamcheh border police station, which was captured by the enemy forces in the first day of the war is located in the south of this memorial and beside the custom border of Iraq and Shalamcheh police station is located in front of that. National monuments of holy defense in this region had some changes for creating the commercial – industrial free zone of Arvnd.

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