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The ancient city of Susa was founded as one of the most important and glorious settlements in the world dated back to 4000 BC (according to some theorists, it dated back to ca. 7000 BC).

This historical area has been a place of urban life from the ancient times until now and once upon a time, it was the point of encounter between two major civilizations of the ancient world, "Mesopotamia" and "Elam", as the oldest city of the world. .

In addition to the Elamites (i.e., land of the gods), other dynasties like Assyrian, Achaemenid, Seleucid, Parthian, Sassanid and, Babylonian dynasties ruled in this ancient city.

The Susa ancient site is composed of a huge area with a variety of monuments and architectural structures from prehistoric to the Islamic period, including Shavoor palace, Apadana (one of the most magnificent and unique sites in the world), the Eastern gate, Hadish, the Fifteenth City, the Achaemenid village, Masjed-e Jāmé of Susa, many Islamic buildings, Acropolis hill and French castle.

Elamite people developed extensive calligraphy, architecture, metallurgy, glass art and sculpture. The statues of Gods have a special place among the Susa's antiquities in Elamite era. Many worthwhile antiquities obtained from excavations of the area which are now located in the famous museums around the world.

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