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Tashkooh (Fiery Mountain)

Tashkooh (Fiery Mountain)


Tashkooh (Fiery Mountain)

Clear Sky

Clear Sky





Tashkooh is one of the most beautiful and amazing earth phenomena of Iran’s tourism, which is unique in raging the flames from the ground.

In this area, there are hills with holes in different parts like springs of which hundreds flames come out. Flames of fire are constantly burning from the past to present and not only these flames extinguish in the rain, but also they inflame more. Sulfur in the ground and evaporation of natural gas from the depth of ground reaching to the surface is the cause of fire flare.

Hydrocarbon gases pass through the different layers of the earth flaming out from every crack of ground so that the burning light of these gases are clearly visible at night. Setting the fire in the vicinity of Tashkooh is highly dangerous due to the evaporable gases in the air. Apart from this mountain, there are many bitumen springs of which naturally bitumen comes out in the Mamatyn region.

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