Shahr-e Rey

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Shahr-e Rey

Few Clouds

Shahr-e Rey (Region 20), the most southern urban area in Tehran, one of the oldest cities of Iran and the world, is located on the height of 1062 m above the sea level.

The climate of this city is arid and moderate. Rey county consists of 5 parts named ”Fashafuyeh”, ”Kahrizak”, ”Markazi”, ”Khavaran“, 4 cities as “Rey”, ”Hasan Abad”, ”Baqer Shahr”,”Kahrizak” and 9 rural districts.

Rey is different and independent from the other parts of Tehran by its history dating back to 6000 years ago and valuable historical features which attracts the pilgrims of Hazrat-e Shah Abdul-Azim (peace be upon him) shrine, the certain religious and cultural features.

This area is like a hub for development of religious tourism in Tehran where is closed to Bibi Shahr Banu mountain and southern limited area of Tehran, with convenient access due to the presence of Tehran highway (Azadegan) from the north of this area, active subway stations and quick links to Tehran. Trade, handicrafts, agriculture and animal husbandry are the main jobs of Shahr-e Rey people.

Rey neighborhood to Imam Khomeini's holy shrine and Imam Khomeini international airport, and being close to the Tehran refinery, brought a doubled geographical, economic and social importance for this city.

The language of the ancient Ray people was something between east Dari and west Pahlavi, and the language of people in south of Iran. Today, there are no traces of this dialect here. The people of this city are Muslims and followers of Ja'fari Shi'a.


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