Fashafuyeh Lake Complex

Fashafuyeh Lake Complex

Shahr-e Rey

Fashafuyeh Lake Complex

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Fashafuyeh Lake Complex is located eighteen kilometers of Tehran Freeway. The water sports are available only during the warm seasons, beginning from the middle of spring and last until about October. You can also go there in other seasons, and instead of water sports, you can enjoy other fun activities such as car racing, paintball, and horse riding. In this lake and the water sports clubs built next to it, you can both enjoy the calm and peaceful views and spent some of your time in this lake and the water sports clubs built next to. Some of the fun water sports are:

Boat riding: boat riding is one of the most popular activities in the lake. Different kinds of boats such as motorboats, kayaks, and slaloms are available for you to choose from.

Water skiing: to do this, two separated water boards are attached to your feet, you will stand on water, and a boat will pull you on the water by the rope you hold in your hands.

Banana: this is a very fun inflatable boat that looks like a banana. You will sit on it along with some other people, and hold its handles. A motorbike pulls the Banana with a rope. It is very possible to fall over from the Banana, which makes this ride very exciting.

Jet ski: It is a kind of water motor that is so light that it would rarely drown. With basic instruction, you can ride it on the water and enjoy an exciting experience.

Shuttle: It is a ride that looks like a UFO. You sit on it and lean back while holding its handles to avoid falling in the water. A motorboat pulls the Shuttle by a rope.

Cable ski: This is also a type of water skiing. To do it, you will put both of your feet on one board, and a cable attached higher than the water level pulls the board.

Flyboarding: This is one of the most exciting water rides you will experience. The boards use the force from pumping water to raise you to twelve meters above the water. You can move freely and perform show tricks on the board.

If you want to go to Fashafuyeh Lake Complex, you should travel the road to Imam Khomeini International Airport, and take the exit to Hasan Abad. The complex has almost every facility such as parking, kinds of attractions and many restaurants.

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