Tajrish historical bazaar

Tajrish historical bazaar


Tajrish historical bazaar

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The Tajrish historical bazaar is one of the most beautiful attractions in the Tajrish district, with a pleasant climate. It is a large and historical bazaar that starts from the courtyard of Imamzadeh Saleh. Its corridors and rows continue to Quds Square and include collections of shops and stalls.

Tajrish is one of the oldest districts of Tehran; created one of the most evocative and unique places in Tehran, where you can still see narrow alleys and historic houses full of trees.

People sell religious items such as rosaries, seals, rugs, and prayer tents, wheat for pigeons, candles, and salt for vows in this bazaar, like most of the bazaars next to religious places. The large part of the bazaar has long been the place of supply for the people who live in Tajrish and Dezashib which is still one of the most popular shopping centers for the people in these areas and one of the most prosperous markets in Tehran, where many Tehranians go shopping.

To enter Tajrish Bazaar, you can enter from the main entrance of the bazaar next to Imamzadeh Saleh, where most of the fruit and vegetables of the season are sold. It is the fruits and vegetables of the season. First of all, fruits come to this market, imported fruits, tropical fruits, and fruits and vegetables that are not found in other parts of the city due to the change of seasons. When you enter the market, a large and exciting exhibition of taste, color, and smell opens in front of you like a beautiful and vivid painting.

In the old shops of this market, everything is on sale beautifully and colorfully. A variety of pickles, high-quality and fragrant spices, premium saffron, cleaned and juiced vegetables, summer vegetables, colorful peppers, and everything in this market, as if not only for sale but also to beautify this charming market.

Tajrish Bazaar is not limited to fruits, vegetables, food, and you can find a variety of dishes, utensils, handicrafts, cosmetics, clothes, and thousands of other items there. It is a bazaar where you must like to walk there, even if you are not a shopper. You will enjoy hitting and seeing the old shops of this market with tiled and azure entrances and drowning in the noise of colors and sounds.

One of the most exciting parts of this bazaar is Tajrish Bazaar, where in the months of Muharram and Safar it is a place of mourning for the people of the bazaar, and in the usual days of the bazaar, a square full of vegetables, fruits, and summer trees forms inside.

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