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استان تهران
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Varamin is located in the southeast of Tehran province in an even plain in 40 km southeast of Tehran in southwest edge of the central desert of Iran at the height of 918 meters above the sea level.

The climate of this city is temperate and arid. Varamin consists of two parts named as “Javadabad” and “Markazi’, two cities and 4 rural districts.

Varamin has the best agricultural lands because of its appropriate geographical and climatic situation and fertile soil.

In addition to its appropriate agricultural situation, to enjoys  the  natural,  architectural  and  historical  attractions  such  as  Jame mosque, Alaedin tower, etc. It is one of the best tourism zones in Tehran. Handicrafts specially carpet weaving in Mina Khani famous design which is restricted to Varamin carpet has the highest tightness after Bijar carpet among Iranian carpets with a global reputation.

Pottery in Varamin also enjoys an acceptable position. Factories and industries such as sugar factory and Varamin oil extraction and scientific centers are the other economic factors of this city. The dialect of Varamin people is Farsi. Various tribes such as Lur, Turk, Kurd and Arab live in this region. The people of this city are the followers of Davazdah Imami Shia religion.

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