Saadabad Palace Complex

Saadabad Palace Complex


Saadabad Palace Complex

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The early building of Saadabad was constructed by Qajar kings and it was just 8000m2 in area in that time. Given to the good weather, Qajar kings used this place as their summer residence; however, after the 1299 coup when Pahlavi regime came to power, this place was extended at Reza Khan’s command, through constructing 18 small and large palaces in different architectural styles; the newest sector here is related to the palace of Leila, the youngest daughter of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

The palaces are as following: Ahamad Shahi Palace, Shahvand Palace (the current Green Museum, the summer residence of Pahlavi I), White Palace (Mellat Palace- Museum, the summer residence of Pahlavi II), the Special Palace (the previous Museum of Natural History), the Black Palace (the current Museum of Fine Arts), Princess Shams Palace (the Museum of Royal Clothing), Princess Ashraf Palace (the Museum of Glassware and Handicrafts), Prince Gholam Reza Palace (the Museum of Weapons of Court), Palace of Queen Mother, Prince Ahmad Reza Palace, Prince Abdol Reza Palace (Saadabad administration), Prince Bahman Pahlavi, named after the son of Gholam Reza Pahlavi (the management office), Shahram Palace, named after the son of Princess Ashraf (Military Museum), Farideh Diba Palace, the old palace of Reza Pahlavi (Behzad Museum), the new palace of Reza Pahlavi (the previous Dafine Museum), the Palace of Princess Farahnaz and Prince Ali Reza, the children of Mohammad Reza (the Museum of Mir Emad Calligraphy), Leila Palace (the targeted center for kids).

Saadabad Complex Museums

The visitors can reach to the complex through eight gates: Nezamie, mostly used by Reza Khan; Zaferanie; Gate of Darband Street, mostly used by Mohammad Reza; Gate of Darband Square; two Jafar Abad gates; River Gate; and the White House Gate.

In addition to the mentioned palaces and several old buildings, there also exist many other facilities and installations such as poultry and dairy halls, banana garden and greenhouses, pools, fountains, tennis court and bowling hall as well as the open cinema and theatre halls.

There are also some newly added museums here as follows: Museum of Royal Albums and Historical Documents inside the building of imperial guard; the Museum of Royal Kitchen inside the building of Mellat Museum’s kitchen; the Museum of Omidvar Brothers; Water Museum; Farshchian Museum; the Museum of Royal Automobiles,

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