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Tochal Peak

Broken Clouds

Broken Clouds





"Tochal Mountain" peak is the highest point overlooking Tehran, a peak with a height of nearly four thousand meters (3962 meters), which is actually a high mountain range of Alborz. By looking at Tochal peak, we can imagine that it stretches its neck to see the city better from above, and casts its shadow over the capital forever, and to be a peaceful embrace for those who are tired of daily life and want to rely on the peace and stability of this great peak.
"Tochal" is an attractive and exciting destination for various types of people, and basically anyone with any taste can enjoy visiting it. "Tochal" is not only a mountain with a magnificent peak, but also it has become a place for gathering various and exciting entertainments that have made the resort a popular destination.
"Mountaineering" is one of the most common ways to enjoy visiting this mountain. Professionals climb the peak and return in the early morning or at dawn. But some visitors, especially in the summer, go to the mountains at night and use the city lights and reach one of the stations of a resort cable car and spend the night there. They camp or sleep in a sleeping bag and then go to the peak early in the morning.
One of the most attractive recreational facilities of Tochal mountain is "Cable Cabin" (Telecabin) and "Chairlift" (Telesiege). Tochal cable car is the longest cable car route in Iran, which was launched in 1977 and has 7 stations, and its last station was built at an altitude of 3700 meters above the ground, which actually allows you to reach the peak without climbing and enjoy spectacular sightseeing, which is usually snowy. Chairlift is another facility in which you feel you have two wings to fly over the mountains. Indeed, you are able to climb from each station as you want, and you can also climb the trail and return by Cable car or Chairlift.
Tochal Peak is generally snowy for 9 months of the year which prepares a situation to create a "Ski Resort" at the foot of the mountain. This Ski Resort was created in 1975 and was supposed to be one of the largest ski resorts in the world, but now merely the peak Ski resort can be used in the cold seasons of a year to those who are enthusiastic to this sport. In addition, this place has a school of ski which gives this opportunity to acquire this skill.
Due to Atmospheric conditions, it is recommended to check opening hours before visiting Tochal mountain. 
Another very special feature of Tochal Mountain is the possibility of staying in a unique hotel. "Tochal Hotel" is located at an altitude of more than 3500 meters above sea level with a great sightseeing of the mountain, which is snowy on most days of the year and makes this opportunity to gain memorable experiences. However, Accommodation in this hotel is not possible for people who are under 8 and over 55, pregnant women and patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions, hypertension, diabetes and people with physical disabilities.
This attraction is not just limited to the mountain, walking in the fresh air, exercising and sightseeing Tehran from the "Bame Tehran" is even more attractive to many visitors. Visitors like this route for its small and large restaurants and cafes. But "3D Cinema", "Zip Line" (by connecting to a rope at a height of 100 meters, you go down the 170-meter path of the resort valley), "Bungee Jumping" (Falling with a rope from a height of 40 meters in Tochal), "Paintball", "Mountain Coaster" (on a twists and turns path with coaster on a metal rail) and a Shooting and Tennis club are other entertainment facilities of this complex.
The Tochal Peak is located above Velenjak and the best way to reach is by Shahid Chamran Highway. You can get to this complex by car bus and taxi. The BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) station is at the beginning of Velenjek and you can continue the rest of the way by taxis.

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