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Sirjan is located among the central mountains and the eastern mountains of Zagros at 175 km southwest of Kerman with the height of 1766 meters above the sea level.

The low and even lands of the Kavir plain in the west and a Qotbiyeh fertile plain in the east of this city are located between Sirjan and Baft. The climate of Sirjan is semi-desert. Sirjan consists of 2 parts naming”Pariz” and “Markazi”, 4 cities “Pariz”, ’Zeyd Abad”,”Sirjan“,”Najaf Shahr”, and 10 rural districts. This city is the second populated one in Kerman province and it is one of the most important cities of this province due to its specific geographical location and being located in the junction of Yazd-Hormozgan and Kerman–Fars roads, with a significant commercial situation, factories, mineral resources and numerous dug out aqueducts and fertile lands.


The economy of Sirjan is depended on tribes and nomads. Agriculture and animal products, handicrafts and rug weaving, convert Sirjan into a special economic zone and setting up an airport brought so much prosperity for the economic fields of this city.

This city is the owner of one of the unique types of Iranian windmills known to be Pipe windmill. On the basis of Sirjan antiquity, the buildings of this city reflect many historical eras of Iran.

Various tribes live in Sirjan most of them speak in Farsi however, the nomads speak in Turki in this region. The religion of the people in Sirjan is Shia.

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