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Kerman in the southeastern of the largest province of Iran, Kerman, with the height of 1755 m above the sea level is the second-highest city in Iran.

Most of the Kerman areas surrounded by mountains.

The north and northeastern areas of this city are located in the vicinity of the Saheb-Al- Zaman Mountain and enjoys of a moderate climate and south and southwestern of this city enjoys of warmer summer and more air dust due to nearby to desert.

Hazar Mountain is more valuable by the rich resources of medicinal plants growing among this city’s mountain.

This city consists of 6 parts “ Markazi “,”Chatrod”,”Rain “,”Shahdad “,”Golbaf”,”Mahan “ ,13 cities and 16 rural districts .

Kerman has enjoyed an appropriate economic position by climatic diversity, prepared agricultural poles, factories and significant production centers such as Shahid Bahonar copper, Kerman cement, Momtazan and Barez tire.

Kerman has a special  Capabilities,potentials and position by locating on the way of  main transport roads ,railways and goods transit , vicinity to southern ports ( Bandar Abbas and Chabahar), large commercial companies, International airport, rich and valuable mines, Valid academic centers, Local arts and handicrafts such as Pate, Terme, Carpet ,natural- cultural-religious and historical heritages and considered as one of the Iran’s tourism poles.

People race who lives in Kerman is Aryan and Fars and some Lor, Turk , Baloch with diversity in dialect and language immigrated to this city, But Kerman's people speak in Farsi with Kermani dialect and most of them are Shia.

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