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National Library of Kerman

National Library of Kerman


National Library of Kerman

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The national library of Kerman is one of the monuments that are related to the first Pahlavi period. During this period, the design of cities was changed by new rules of urban planning and many monuments were built in different cities in Iran. The national library of Kerman is one of these historic monuments which was founded in 1308 SH.

It was Mohammad Ali Ravari who built this building. The building was originally commissioned by many businessmen in Kerman, Rafsanjan, and Yazd. The Khorshid textile factory (the Sun Spinning Factory) began to work in this monument. The factory, though not long-lived, was shut down after a while due to political events and problems.

With the onset of the Islamic Revolution, the building was taken over by various organs at various times, until it was finally approved to be rebuilt and used as a cultural complex.

Finally, after the refurbishment and evacuation of factory equipment, the building began operating as the Center of Kermanology in 1368 SH. Two years later, with the efforts of the Cultural Heritage Organization, the former Textile factory became a national library.

The building is situated inside a garden of evergreen cedar trees. The entrance porch of the National Library of Kerman is another attractive part of this building which is artistically decorated with tiles and bricks. Visiting this building, you will probably see some similarities with the National Garden of Tehran which is not without reason; the architect of both buildings is the same! The fascinating tile and brickwork of the National Library of Kerman created a special look at this monument.

The National Library of Kerman consists of various sections, including manuscripts and stone prints, reference books, audio-visual resources, Kermanology, the library for the blind, children's libraries, specialized libraries for resources about Iran–Iraq War and study halls. There are about one hundred twenty books in this library.

The National Library of Kerman is located in Shahid Rajaii Street, Khorshid Ave and it was registered in the Iranian National Heritage list with the number 2419 as one of the national works of Iran. The Khorshid Factory also has night lighting, so it is worth the night visit.

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