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Bam is located in 200 km southeast of Kerman on the way of Kerman –Zahedan road in a vast plain between Barez and Kabodi mountains range at the height of 1060 km above the sea level.

The weather of this city is warm and arid and it has a variable climate due to vicinity to desert so that it is the warmest place of the country in summer and the coldest one in winter. Bam consists of 4 parts named ”Markazi”, ”Faharaj”, ”Roudab”, ”Narmashir”, 5 cities as “Faharaj“, ”Baravat”, ”Bam“, ”Nezam sahr”, ”Narmashir” and 9 rural districts.

Bam is the most important city in terms of Historical, cultural and economic features after Kerman and it's one of the first cities in terms of tourist attraction in Iran.

This city was the industrial center of Kerman and sericulture and textile industry have a long history in this region. Gardening, agriculture, animal husbandry and carpet weaving are the economic basis of Bam. Citrus and dates, which are famous in “Mazafati“, are the best agricultural products of this region. Some products, such as Henna, Kolach-e Sahan – Kolompeh and Ghaoot are the souvenirs of Bam. There are lead and zinc mines in the southwest heights of Bam. Arg-e Jadid as a beautiful and modern economic area beside the old historical area (the greatest adobe building in the world) is the prosperity reason of this region. Currently, this region is the only professional economic region in automobile manufacturing, tailings and related industries in Iran. Omran-e Arg company was responsible company for the Arg-e Jadid region in terms of extending the industrial, economic and tourism activities such as needed infrastructures and support facilities includes establishing a proprietary terminal in Bam airport, establishing the passenger and freighter terminal, rail way and equipped storehouses, supplying the water, electricity and telephone, constructing the hotel, sports, providing equipment and other facilities. The race of Bam primary inhabitants was Aryan and most of them are followers of Shia.


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