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Rayen Castle

Rayen Castle


Rayen Castle

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Rayen Castle (also Arg-e Rayen) is located in the southwest of Rayen city, at the foothills of "Hazar" mountain, east of Arg-e Bam, and south of Kerman city. This stunning monument which is one of the greatest adobe buildings in the world annually attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists.
The city of Kerman was situated on the Silk Road. Rayen city was one of the trading cities on a way from Sistan and Jiroft to the center of Iran and was one of the axes of the Sassanid imperial sword making. The most prominent monument of the Sassanid era (224-651) is this gorgeous castle.
This castle was one of the fortified buildings in both Afsharid (1736-1796) and Zand dynasty (1751-1794).
The Rayen Castle is approximately a quarter of Arg-e Bam with an area of 22,000 square meters and has about 4.5 hectares of land around the structure. The Rayen Castle is a rectangular structure in shape, made of mudbrick. The castle, which is located on a hill at an altitude of 220 meters above sea level, has several floors.
The Rayen Castle is 11 meters in height and 5 meters in width, which sheltered archers and shooters. It has two-story brick towers with machicolation and parapets, as well as 15 watchtowers at the corners and in the middle of the structure, and the main tower.
Rayen Castle has a city in it. Among different parts of the castle, we can name squares, houses of people, two fire temples, Zurkhaneh, mosque, school, bazaar, 4 warehouses, and a barn. In residential areas and people's houses, structures have been built next to each other to improve air temperature and protection.
To reach this marvelous attraction, on the way from Kerman to Jiroft, after 100 km, the access to the city of Rayen will be on your right. Certainly, in the majority of tourist tours of Kerman, this attraction has a defined position. It can be said that you can travel to Kerman in almost any season, but spring and autumn will be more suitable seasons.

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