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 Yakhdan Moayedi (Moayedi Ice-House)

Yakhdan Moayedi (Moayedi Ice-House)


Yakhdan Moayedi (Moayedi Ice-House)

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The Yakhdan (ice-house) has been used to keep the ice in the summer of the past years.

Moayedi is the name of a neighborhood in Kerman that consists of some lands and old subterranean located in Takhti square and Khorshid and Abuhamed streets.

Probably, the owner of this yakhdan (ice-house) was a man called Moayedodin Reyhan who was one of the Kerman state officials. This building has been built in the late of Safavid dynasty and this yakhdan called Moayedi because the Moayedi subterranean supplied the water of it.

The constituent elements of refrigerator are the reservoir, fence, pool, ice pit, a dome in a type of “Bastoo” (an elliptical arch used in the construction of the dome in which focal length to aperture ratio is 4:3) that is located on the plan of circular tank. Construction materials are contained adobe (for insulation) and mud mortar in this building. The fence is relatively large and its height is about 12 meters. Yakhdan Moayedi (ice-house) height is about 20 meters.

This ice-house was the most significant and vital centers in Kerman, which a great importance in the past.

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