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Bagh-e Sangi (The Garden of Stones)

Bagh-e Sangi (The Garden of Stones)


Bagh-e Sangi (The Garden of Stones)

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Bagh-e Sangi (The Garden of Stones) is a mysterious garden that does not look like any other gardens in the world. There are unfruitful trunks, dry, long and short trees regularly with distance from each other and no roots in the earth of the garden. Large and small stones irregularly hanging from the branches of trees with thick wires and tall and sturdy ropes as the symbol of dry fruits of trees that Darvish Khan built it as the remind of his lost real garden.

The garden was created in 1961. Darvish Khan Esfandiarpour, one of the farmer and landowners of this region, lost lots of his lands during the land reform, then he has decorated his garden with stone for protest against his dried lands. He chose such abstract way of protest because he was deaf and dumb and unable to express his protests in words.

Darvish Khan spent all years of his life to build this garden. Each stone hung from trees and creation of every tree had a special meaning for Darvish Khan himself over the years, so he had built a new stone tree if something happens in his life.

For example, he hanged a curved stone like a shaved head on a tree when his grandson became a soldier and he has been decorated another tree based on his new thinking if it was a special day. Darvish Khan life and his garden of stones became the subject of films by Parviz Kimiavi (an Iranian film director, screenwriter, editor).  Darvish Khan body was buried in his garden of stones at the age of 90.

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